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Address 7 Promenade Pl #630, Columbia South Carolina 29229 Phone: (803) 699-9693 Website: Reeds Jewelers Website: Reeds Jewelers | Village at Sandhill
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Quality is a Cut Above at REEDS
REEDS is devoted to quality. We inspect every piece of merchandise at least twice to ensure our customers purchase only the finest jewelry. The first inspection takes place at the manufacturer’s according to our stringent guidelines. A second inspection is conducted by our trained quality inspectors after we receive the jewelry. Upon passing, the pieces are declared fit to sell to our valued customers. Additional inspections occur on any item that has been sized or custom created, and we spot inspect our jewelry during packaging for direct shipment to a customer or store location.

reeds jewelers engagement rings at village at sandhill

Wide selection of the finest engagement rings at Reeds Jewelers in Columbia, South Carolina

REEDS Products: Value and Beauty at an Exceptional price

REEDS Jewelers is known for its remarkable selection of fine jewelry, collectibles, watches, and customizable pieces, and has been since its beginnings. We offer an array of diamond, gemstone, pearl, gold, sterling silver, titanium, and platinum men’s and women’s jewelry as well as charms and gifts for every occasion. REEDS boasts a broad collection of high-end jewelry from leading designer brands, but also curates beautiful value-priced pieces to fit the budget of any customer.

necklaces rings bracelets at reeds jewelers village at sandhill

Chains, pendants, earrings, and rings- all at Reeds Jewelers, Sandhill in Columbia, South Carolina

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